Employer Disqualifies Any Candidate That Doesn’t Have An iPhone…. WTF?

From the “is this guy for real?” department comes this Tweet from a guy named Nick Huber. His Twitter profile looks like this:

He’s got a blue checkmark next to his name that I won’t hold against him. Even though for whatever reason he thought it was a good idea to pay Elon Musk $8 a month for it. Oh wait, he’s on iPhone so it’s actually $11 a month. But I digress. The reason why I am talking about him today is that a Tweet that he put out has set the Twitterverse, or what’s left of it, alight:

Well, if he wants to disqualify talent because someone does not use a phone that is Steve Jobs approved, that’s his choice I guess. But that’s also pretty stupid as in my opinion as he’s likely missing out on talent simply by doing that. But again, that’s his choice I guess. Though Twitter showed that it wasn’t shy about taking a few shots at this guy:

I have to wonder if he’s going to reconsider the wisdom of Tweeting this at some point. Because I have to admit that he doesn’t look like the best employer at the moment.

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