Elon Musk Is Going To Purge Unused Twitter Accounts So That The Handles Can Be Reused…. This Is A Dumb Idea

Elon Musk put this out yesterday. Which is that he’s going to purge accounts that have had zero activity for several years:

As is typical for an Elon Musk Tweet, there’s no detail behind it. Because he likely doesn’t have all the details himself. But this is a really dumb idea for the reason that tech entrepreneur John Carnack noted:

And that doesn’t take into account dead people. I know a widow who looks at her late husband’s Twitter account on an almost daily basis because scrolling through his Tweets gives her a bit of comfort. I don’t even want to bring this up to her as her reaction is just going to be all sorts of bad. Here’s Elon’s answer to that:

Again, there’s zero detail here. But Elon isn’t a detail sort of guy so that’s not a shock. But truly, this is yet another dumb idea from Elon. And I suspect he’s doing this to force more interaction on the platform in general. Or by moving the goalposts at some point so that if you don’t Tweet at a level that he likes, you get zapped. Which would force not only people, but brands who advertise to use the platform more. Maybe I am looking at this wrong. But it sounds like something that he would do. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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