HYAS Protective DNS Substantially Outperforms All Other Services Tested Via An Independent Test

HYAS Infosec, leaders in utilizing advanced adversary infrastructure intelligence, detection, and prevention to preemptively neutralize cyberattacks, today announced that globally recognized independent research institute AV-TEST GmbH has independently tested and confirmed that HYAS Protect provides the highest level of cyber security protection achieved to date by a Protective DNS solution.

Specifically, AV-TEST found that HYAS Protect blocked over 87 percent of portable executables (PEs) malware, over 84 percent of non-PE issues (e.g. links pointing to other forms of malicious files), and over 80 percent of phishing URLs, all with incredibly low false positive rates averaging 2 percent. Compared to other Protective DNS solutions tested by AV-TEST, HYAS Protect has achieved the highest efficacy ratings of all protective DNS solutions providers tested to date and results indicate it affords substantially greater protection.

AV-Test has long been viewed as the industry’s go-to leader in rigorous 3rd party testing and evaluation. The complete report is available online at AV-TEST.

CISA endorses Protective DNS, which it recommends in its Shields Up initiative. Protective DNS is also a recommended element of modern secure access service edge (SASE) architectures, and is increasingly factored into cyber security insurance policy decisions.

Regardless of how a bad actor breaks into an organization, the first step in progressing the attack is communication with adversary infrastructure, commonly referred to as command-and-control (C2) for instructions. Protective DNS solutions see this communication, identify it as malicious, and stop the attack by preventing the communication and rendering the attack inert, regardless of whether it originated as a supply-chain, phishing, insider-risk, or something else. Even advanced malware-less attacks still need to beacon out for instructions. At this year’s RSA Conference, CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz and President Michael Sentonas reported that they have been dealing with an average of one malwareless cyber issue a week during the last couple quarters, reaffirming data reported earlier this year that 71 percent of cyberattacks were carried out without malware, and that malware-less attacks nonetheless need to beacon out for instructions.

Regardless of how a bad actor breaks in or the attack type used, their anomalous communication can be seen by Protective DNS solutions and the attack can then be shut down. The higher the efficacy of a Protective DNS solution, the sooner the infection/identification cycle ends with remediation. CISA’s recommendation reflects the importance of Protective DNS to business resiliency.

HYAS Protect accurately detects and thwarts attacks, with extremely low false positives, through an advanced and patented process.

  1. Data Collection and Context: HYAS collects data continuously and without human involvement from authoritative sources around the world. It combines a set of exclusive, private, commercial and open source data into a graph database with a set of proprietary algorithms to build connections between the nodes in the graph.
  2. Observation Derived Foresight: Through these connections within the graph database, HYAS drives correlations between what has happened, what is happening now, and what will happen to maintain a real-time view of adversary infrastructure on the Internet. In this way, HYAS can actually observe infrastructure as it is built up and know what is and isn’t adversary infrastructure often weeks or months before it is weaponized.
  3. Advanced, Automated Analysis: Through HYAS’ combination of unique data organized into a graph database, and a deep understanding of how the internet functions, HYAS achieves previously unrealized Protective DNS service efficacy results with incredibly low false positive rates.

HYAS Protect is available for commercial use, is easy to deploy and manage, and is pre-integrated with other common components of the cyber security stack including EDR/XDR, SIEM/SOAR, and firewalls. In addition, HYAS Protect is also made available to cybersecurity’s first responders and IT personnel for their home personal use via the completely free HYAS Protect At Home solution which I am testing right now and I will have a review up shortly.

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