Food Distributor Sysco Gets Pwned… Employee, Business, And Customer Data Swiped

One week ago, Sysco, a major global food distributor, confirmed in both its 10-Q report and an internal memo that they discovered a security breach where attackers stole sensitive, US and Canadian business, customer, and employee data. Sysco generated over $68 billion in sales in 2022.

While the investigation is ongoing, stolen data is said to include employee names, social security numbers, account numbers, and similar information provided for payroll purposes as well as data relating to business operations and customers. 

Sysco’s network of those possibly affected includes more than 71,000 employees, 333 distribution facilities worldwide and around 700,000 customer locations, including restaurants, healthcare, and educational facilities.

Roy Akerman, Co-Founder & CEO, Rezonate had this to say:

   “As more data unfolds as to the cause and impact of the Sysco security breach, certain steps are required to validate a complete understanding of the attacker’s path, objectives, any possible backdoor, and even attribution are critical to nail down quickly. Data already lost is unfortunate yet maintaining business operations is important to limit cost and recovery from this incident. 

   “In addition to the ongoing investigation of affected identities and facilities, it is important thing to stay focused on areas that were not impacted – as attackers may remain in the network in stealth mode, be in the process of acting, or already have acted but without being detected.”

This is pretty bad and shows that security breaches are non-trivial events. Thus companies need to take steps to ensure their environments are as resistant as possible to these sorts of events because this is what happens if your defences are not in place or adequate enough to resist these sorts of attacks.

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