Petro Canada Speaks Again About Being Pwned… But Says Nothing Of Substance

One thing that has been a constant since I reported on Petro Canada and its parent company Suncor being pwned by hackers is that there has been radio silence for the most part from the company.

To catch you up on this, here’s a list of stories that I’ve written about Petro Canada being pwned: 

And the last story that I wrote about this can be found here. That was on July 6th. And there has been no further comment on this from the company. That is until last night when this email hit inboxes of people who are part of Petro Canada’s reward system which is known as Petro Points:

There’s a lot of words written here. But there’s nothing here that people want to hear. For example:

  • What is the status of Suncor’s investigation into who did this and how they did this?
  • What will Suncor do to protect people who had their information swiped which was disclosed by the company on July 6th? Will the company provide free credit monitoring for example?
  • What is Suncor doing to make sure that they don’t get pwned again?

Honestly, if this is the best that Suncor and Petro Canada can do to keep customers from suing them out of existence, they’re in deep trouble. Because I am aware of two class action lawsuits that are about to be filed in relation to this. And when they do get filed, Petro Canada and Suncor are guaranteed to be on the losing end of those lawsuits. Thus if I were them, I would get a whole lot more transparent about this incident and come to the table with more than nice words.

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  1. How do I sign up to be part of this class action suit?

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