BREAKING: The “X” Above Twitter Headquarters Has Been Removed

Over the last ten minutes I’ve been bombarded by readers letting me know that the “X” that was at the top of the Twitter building that had ticked off the city and neighbours was gone. Here’s proof via “X” or Twitter or whatever the hell Elon calls it this week:

The “X” was on the building for a whole three days before being removed. As for why, this will help to explain things:

Thirteen complaints have been initiated with San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspections. In the complaints, critics said the sign was put up without a permit, is unsafe, and is a nuisance; one complaint said that its flashing lights made it hard for residents to sleep.


City officials Friday issued a notice of violation to X Corp. for installing the sign without approval. According to public records on the department’s website, representatives for X Corp. repeatedly declined to “provide access” to inspectors who visited the building.

City officials said in a complaint they were told by Twitter the structure was a “temporary lighted sign for an event.”

It’s possible that the sign is only being temporarily dismantled for improvements or to get city approval.

An alternate view is that Elon didn’t want to deal with the blow back from this and nuked the sign. Though given how impulsive this clown is, I am guessing that something else will pop up and be equally as annoying. Count on it.

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