Reddit Announces New CISO

Fredrick “Flee” Lee has been announced as Reddit’s new Chief Information Security Officer, reporting to CTO Chris Slowe. Flee has over 20 years of experience leading global information security and privacy efforts at major financial services companies and technology startups, including as Chief Security Officer at Square and most recently as Chief Security Officer and Head of IT at GustoFlee will oversee the Privacy and Security teams at Reddit responsible for identifying and mitigating risks and challenges around information security, privacy, and compliance. 

The security of Reddit platform and Reddit continues to be one of their core trust pillars, and over the past several years, they have continued to bolster their Safety and Security efforts, expanding teams focused on these areas and reinforcing existing measures that protect the platform. As part of their commitment to transparency with their users, they launched a new Transparency Center on and regularly share their practices, updates, and findings with their community, including in r/redditsecurity. These efforts are central to Reddit’s goals of bringing community and belonging to users around the world. 

Flee is a proud Southerner, raised in Mississippi, and holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Oklahoma. In his spare time, Flee enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, road cycling, and powerlifting, and is a passionate Redditor, lurking in r/MMA, r/Awwducational, r/selfhosted, and r/netsec. 

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