BlackFog State of Ransomware Report For July 2023 Is Out

BlackFog today released the State of Ransomware Report for July 2023. BlackFog releases this monthly report containing pertinent information regarding both publicly and non-publicly disclosed cyber attacks. The report also includes statistics on the most attacked countries and industries, as well as prevalent threat groups and attack methods.

 Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder, BlackFog, has also provided commentary on July’s ransomware trends and statistics:    

“This month we continue to see a large volume of attacks, culminating in the highest July in 4 years, with 38 publicly disclosed and 390 undisclosed attacks. This represents a 10-fold difference between unreported versus reported attacks, as we continue to see the effects of the MOVEit exploit.

The most notable change saw healthcare overtake education as the most targeted sector, with a 29% increase in attacks. Education came a close second with 56 reported attacks, while the Government saw a 19% increase from last month. Other sectors remained largely unchanged.

BlackCat and LockBit remain the two dominant variants with 18.4% and 16.8% respectively. As we predicted last month, we saw CLOP overtake BlackCat in the number of unreported attacks due to the MOVEit exploit. We expect this to continue in the coming months as the full extent of this exploitation is realized.

Lastly, exfiltration continues to be the primary weapon of choice for attacks. Leveraging data for extortion contributes to this quarter’s all-time record, with an average payout of US$740,144. China continues to be the main destination for data loss at 41% with Russia at 9%.”

The full report is linked here:

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