New Research Finds BEC Attacks Increased by 55% 1H 2023 & Third Party App Integration in Email Saw 128% increase

Abnormal Security has released the company’s 1H 2023 revealing how email attacks have increased in both sophistication and volume since the start of the year.

  • BEC attacks increased by 55% over the previous six months, and nearly half (48%) of all organizations received at least one VEC attack during that same time frame.
  • There is a 90%+ chance of receiving at least one BEC attack and a 76% chance of receiving at least one VEC attack each week for organizations with 5,000+ mailboxes.
  • Abnormal’s research showed that the average organization integrates 379 third-party apps with email—a 128% increase since 2020. And for large enterprises with 30,000+ employees, the number of integrated third-party apps shoots up to 3,973, on average.

Here is the report for your reading pleasure:

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