TELUS strengthens its cybersecurity portfolio as Norton’s exclusive breach response provider in Canada

 TELUS announced that it will be the official Canadian breach response provider for Norton, a leading consumer cyber safety brand of Gen, delivering support to employees and customers of organizations affected by data breaches. This marks an expansion of the incident response services offered by TELUS, providing businesses with a diverse range of solutions to help minimize the impacts of a data breach. As cybercrime rates rise and the demand for solutions increases, TELUS Online Security goes beyond standalone identity monitoring services in the market by helping businesses offer their employees and customers breach response and remediation plans that include tools like dark web monitoring, daily or monthly credit reports, dedicated identity restoration support and identity theft reimbursement coverage of up to $1 million for related expenses.

TELUS Online Security powered by Norton™ offers two premium plans for businesses to help protect their employees and customers: Guardian and Guardian Plus. Key benefits include:

  • Identity Theft Protection: Fraudsters can use stolen personal information to open new financial accounts, apply for tax refunds, rent or buy properties, or perform other fraudulent activities. If an employee or customer’s identity is compromised, a dedicated identity restoration specialist will handle the case from start to finish.
  • Credit Monitoring: Employees and customers are alerted to key changes to their credit file, such as a change of address or name, credit report inquiries or new accounts being opened.2
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Detects and notifies employees and customers when their monitored personal information is found on the dark web, including email addresses, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, contact details and driver’s license numbers.

These plans complement the comprehensive suite of breach response services already offered by TELUS Business, which support all elements of an organization’s needs, including preparedness, investigation and remediation of a cybersecurity incident.

The launch of TELUS Guardian and Guardian Plus plans comes as Norton and TELUS extend and deepen their partnership for an additional three years, with the shared goal of creating a safer digital world for all Canadians. For more information on how TELUS Online Security can help your organization, please visit

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