AnyDesk Joins The Fight Against #Scams

I’ve been covering scams for a long time. And the one thing that’s in common with all these scams is that the scammers will use tools like AnyDesk to get access to your PC (or Mac, or your cell phone). That’s why this blog post from AnyDesk caught my eye. Here’s what you need to know:

AnyDesk, the world’s leading provider of remote access software, announced today the creation of the AnyDesk Anti-Fraud Taskforce. “This task force is dedicated to stopping fraud in real-time. We partner with various creators and scam baiters to take a proactive approach to fraud prevention” said Matthew Caldwell, one of the company’s fraud prevention specialists.

AnyDesk has already shut down several call centers, preventing fraudulent activity by severing the connections to thousands of devices in real-time. By partnering with experienced “scam baiters” such as KitBoga, ScammerPayback, and Jim Browning, who intentionally bait the call centers and waste their time AnyDesk can take action and ban these call centers in a proactive manner.  “As always, these scammers adapt and will switch to other remote access solutions. We would love to build something bigger here, and urge other remote access companies to work with us” said Jim Browning, a prominent YouTuber and expert on scam baiting.

In collaboration with Jim Browning, the AnyDesk Anti-Fraud Taskforce has started to explore a partnership with the internationally renowned spam-fighting company, SpamHaus. “This work is expected to inspire collaboration amongst competitors and is planned to include a list of shared non-descriptive identifiers that can be used to stop fraud on a global level”, says Caldwell. Collaboration of this level will ensure when a user has been flagged for engaging in fraud, the information will be shared amongst other remote access companies, so they can collectively combat misuse.

To kick off the project, AnyDesk is establishing the Fraud Fighters Foundation as well as pledging $10,000 to fraud prevention efforts. Funds will go towards education and reimbursement of victims and will be distributed by the foundation under recommendation from the AVAH Outreach Group. The AVAH Outreach Group specializes in preventing fraud by monitoring call centers and intervening to protect victims mid scam call. Caldwell continues, “We’re looking forward to building something amazing here, and we would love to get other companies involved – A proactive approach is always better than a reactive one.” 

This is a big move. Starting with the fact that they are working with well known “scam baiters” who are people who specialize in going after scammers and collecting info on the scams so that they can expose not only the scams, but the people behind them. Now if AnyDesk can get other remote access software companies like TeamViewer for example to work with them, that will make these scams a lot harder for scammers to execute. Thus I really hope that this effort gains momentum as the scumbags behind these scams deserve to have their lives be as miserable as possible.

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