Game Changing Back to School Technology From LG To Innovate Your New Routine

The back to school/back to work season helps to set the routine for the rest of the year. Innovate your back-to-school routine with the latest tech from LG that will help maximize your time this season offering multiple features and functions for different situations: 

  1. From Home Office to Home Gym: Helping you transition from your WFH call tom a virtual yoga class is the LG StanbyME Rollable Smart Touch Screen. The LG StanbyME is a smart touch screen geared to busy lifestyles and designed to move with the user so they can enjoy their favourite content anywhere and from virtually any angle. The new form factor Smart Screen features multiple adjustment options, including up to 180-degree rotation, 130-degree swivel, 50-degree tilt, and 20 cm height adjustments.  
  2. A+ Productivity and Design: The LG gram Style laptop is the ultimate combination of both function and form, featuring the LG gram signature portability and long battery life packaged in a sleek, iridescent finish that changes colour when viewed from different angles. You’re sure to turn heads with this stylish laptop, complete with powerful processing and a dazzling OLED display. LG continues to deliver stylish innovation so that you can hustle light and hustle right. 
  3. Kick back or kick it up a notch: Whether its working on a big assignment, building a report or settling in for a much-needed gaming session after a long day, The state-of-the-art LG 45” UltraGear™ OLED Curved Gaming Monitor is sure to elevate the experience. The 45” curved display offers next level immersion with its enhanced rendering and the world’s first 240Hz OLED panel. This monitor is the gift that keeps on giving for any avid gamer, student or hustler, with LG celebrating 10 years of OLED innovation leading up to this elevated gaming technology.  

All of these items are available now.

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