Uber Eats is now available for teen accounts

Today, Uber Eats is now available for teen accounts—meaning parents and guardians now have one less thing to worry about. Whether their teen needs a meal to refuel after practice or brain food to help them through a study session, parents and guardians can relax knowing their teen has a way to feed themselves, even if they’re not around. 

How Uber Eats for teens work: 

  • Deliveries from highly rated delivery people: Orders through teen accounts will always be delivered by highly rated delivery people. 
  • Teen-friendly view: Age-restricted items like alcohol will be filtered out.

Here is what a regular account view looks like:

Here is what a teen account view looks like:

  • Live tracking and real-time alerts: Anytime an order is placed through a teen account, the parent or guardian will receive real-time status updates from pickup to drop off. 
  • Support at your fingertips: If for whatever reason something goes wrong, the parent or guardian and the teen will be able to submit a support ticket in the app. 

Teen accounts enabled by parents and guardians will now provide access to Uber Eats and Uber Rides.  Launched earlier this year, teen accounts with Rides are designed for families on the go with safety features built into the experience for parents/guardians, teenage riders, and drivers. When a teen requests a trip, parents/guardians will be notified, can watch the trip right in their Uber app, and contact their teen or the driver. In addition, Uber safety features – like audio recording, live trip tracking, and PIN Verification to help make sure your teen is getting in the right car – will be mandatory. Only highly rated, experienced drivers will be able to receive requests for trips with teens, and drivers can always choose to stop receiving these trip requests. In case of an emergency, parents/guardians will have the ability to call 911 directly from the trip tracker screen. 

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