The Police Service of Northern Ireland Data Leak Just Got Worse Than It Already Is

Last week I told you about a data leak involving The Police Service of Northern Ireland where they accidentally published the data on all their staff creating a critical incident in the process. As bad as that is, it just got worse. Here’s the details from Sky News:

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) says it fears its officers could be targeted and intimidated after saying it believes that dissident republicans have data on staff that was accidently leaked by the force last week.

“We are now confident that the workforce dataset is in the hands of dissident republicans,” Chief Constable Simon Byrne said.

“It is therefore a planning assumption that they will use this list to generate fear and uncertainty as well as intimidating or targeting officers and staff.”


Earlier, a redacted version of the leaked document that listed the names of police officers in Northern Ireland was posted on a wall facing a Sinn Fein office in Belfast.

Keep in mind that the peace in Northern Ireland is a recent thing because of the Good Friday accords. Thus this data leak doesn’t exactly help this situation which has not been in a good place for a couple of years now. This this situation illustrates that data breaches don’t just have a financial and repetitional impact, they also have a life threatening impact as is illustrated here.

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