Petro Canada App Users Still Can’t Use The App After The Company Was Pwned By Hackers Two Months Ago

In case you’re coming to this story without the full context, let me help you with that. Back in June, Petro Canada and their parent company Suncor were pwned by hackers. That partially took down their gas stations for a few days, and has partially crippled them ever since. Here’s a bunch of stories that you can read that will give you the full background:

Now, about two months after being pwned by hackers, it’s come to my attention that the Petro Canada app is still not working. When users try to log in, they see this:

Having the app in a state where it isn’t working for two months does not inspire confidence to users. And you have to assume that it’s also costing Petro Canada money. Let me give you an example of that. My go to gas stations have always been Esso/Mobil and Petro Canada. And whenever I needed gas, I would go to the closest one. I didn’t really have a preference. Since Petro Canada got pwned, 100% of my gas business goes to Esso/Mobil. And there’s two reasons for that change:

  • The Petro Canada app does not work as mentioned above which is a #fail for me as I use this app to pay at the pump via Apple Pay without putting my credit card into the pump or having to interact with the gas station staff. That’s important for me as gas stations have always been a place where your credit card can be cloned. The app always mitigated that possibility. But since the Petro Canada app doesn’t work, there is no mitigation. However over at Esso/Mobil, this isn’t an issue as their app works fine to pay at the pump.
  • I don’t trust Petro Canada because they haven’t really provided an update of any sort that gives me the confidence to trust them.

The thing with cyberattacks is that there’s financial and repetitional costs to them the longer that the attack affects the public. Petro Canada has entered a place where their reputation has taken a big hit, and this has to be affecting them financially. And I don’t see a scenario at the moment where this ends positively for them. Now Petro Canada is free to prove me wrong on that front. But as long as the public isn’t able to use their app to do anything from pumping gas into their cars, collect and redeem points and the like, Petro Canada isn’t in a good place.

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