X/Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino Says That The Company Is Close To Breaking Even…. Yeah Right

From the “where have I seen this before” department comes this story where X, or Twitter, or whatever its called CEO Linda Yaccarino is claiming that even with all the chaos caused by Elon Musk, that X/Twitter is somehow close to breaking even:

“I’ve been at the company eight weeks,” Yaccarino said in her first broadcast interview since taking on her new role. “The operational run rate right now… we’re pretty close to break even.”


“Our data licensing and API with X is an incredible business. Our new subscription business [is] growing,” Yaccarino said. “And then, part of my, what I would say, expertise and experience, and what I came to do, was to drive advertising at the company.”

I for one am going to call this for what it is: BS.

The fact is that Twitter/X is a dumpster fire at the moment with advertisers fleeing the platform and traffic to the platform dropping. And I see no scenario where that changes as Elon is clearly intent on burning the platform to the ground. On top of that, Elon has clearly been feeding Yaccarino the toxic Kool Aid that he’s been drinking as she’s parroting his lines based on the story that I linked to. You have to wonder how long it will take before we see the effects of whatever suicide pact that Elon and Yaccarino have entered into.

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