TELUS Cellular Customers Appear To Be Having Issues [UPDATE: Resolved?]

No sooner did I post this story about Bell customers having issues with their cell phone service did someone ping me to ask if I was having issues with my iPhone on the TELUS network as it is not a secret that I am a TELUS customer. I did a couple of tests and I don’t appear to have any issues. But DownDetector paints a different picture:

I then when to the TELUS Service Status page and it says that there is an active outage affecting their cell phone users:

This really isn’t a surprise as Bell and TELUS apparently share infrastructure. But what is interesting is that issues with TELUS appear to have started much later than the issues Bell. I’m honestly not sure how widespread this is as I have no issues with my iPhone at the moment over 5G. But just like I said in my story about Bell, if you’re having issues using your phone on TELUS, it’s them and not you.

UPDATE: The TELUS Service Status page now shows that there are no outages. Thus I am guessing that whatever happened is resolved. If you have a different experience with TELUS, please let me know.

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