Guest Post: Latvians and Finnish use the most mobile data

Mobile data has become an essential part of daily life for many people worldwide. With smartphones and other web-enabled devices, we now have constant access to information, entertainment, and communication at our fingertips.

According to the data presented by the Atlas VPN team, Latvians and Finnish people use up the most mobile data per month among the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. In addition, each Estonian has about 2 mobile broadband subscriptions.

Latvians lead in mobile data usage, averaging nearly 42 gigabytes per month per mobile broadband subscription. Latvia’s high mobile data consumption may be driven by widespread access to high-speed mobile networks in urban areas and unlimited provider data plans.

Finland ranks second globally in monthly mobile data use, with citizens browsing away 41 gigabytes on average.

Austria has the third-highest rate of mobile data consumption, averaging around 30 gigabytes per month. Lithuanians also rank high in mobile data usage, browsing through 28 gigabytes monthly on average. Iceland demonstrates high mobile data consumption for its population as well, with citizens using 24 gigabytes per month on average.

The average mobile data usage among OECD countries is almost 9 gigabytes. Countries like the United States, UK, and Germany all fall below this average.

Cybersecurity writer at Atlas VPN, Vilius Kardelis, shares his thoughts on mobile data usage:

“Mobile connectivity is convenient, but it can lead to overuse and dependency. Moderation and balance are essential. As networks continue improving globally, average mobile usage rates will likely rise. The future will undoubtedly bring innovations integrating mobile technology even deeper into our lifestyles.”

Who is most connected?

Analyzing the volume of mobile data consumption reveals fascinating insights. However, looking at mobile broadband subscription rates per 100 inhabitants provides further knowledge on how much people browse.

Each Estonian has about 2 mobile broadband subscriptions. Estonia’s citizens extensively use mobile networks not just for smartphones but also for other internet-connected devices. 

Japan likewise has extremely high mobile broadband penetration, with citizens subscribed to nearly 2 mobile networks on average. The United States ranks third, with an average of 1.8 mobile broadband subscriptions per citizen.

Finland, which is second in mobile data consumption, has a broadband subscription rate of 1.6 per person. At the same time, Israel and Denmark demonstrate a rate of 1.4 mobile broadband subscriptions per citizen.

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