Advertisers Pull Their Ads From Twitter After Their Ads Appear Next To Nazi Content

Twitter, X, or whatever it’s called today recently had its CEO Linda Yaccarino called for “hand to hand combat” to get advertisers back onto the platform. But according to CNN, that doesn’t seem to be working:

At least two brands have said they will suspend advertising on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, after their ads and those of other companies were run on an account promoting fascism. The issue came less than a week after X CEO Linda Yaccarino publicly affirmed the company’s commitment to brand safety for advertisers. 

The nonprofit news watchdog Media Matters for America documented in a report published Wednesday that ads for a host of mainstream brands have been run on the account, which has shared content celebrating Hitler and the Nazi Party. 

Ads for brands including Adobe, Gilead Sciences, the University of Maryland’s football team, New York University Langone Hospital and NCTA-The Internet and Television Association were run alongside tweets from the account that had garnered hundreds of thousands of views, CNN observed.

Spokespeople for NCTA and pharmaceutical company Gilead said that they immediately paused their ad spending on X after CNN flagged their ads on the pro-Nazi account.

Here’s the problem for X/Twitter. You can’t expect advertisers to want to pay to put ads next to content like this. That’s common sense. Yet Elon seems to be fine with that, but at the same time can’t understand why advertisers are fleeing the platform. Until Elon wraps his head around the fact that he needs to create a safe platform that respects the rights of all people, and most importantly doesn’t contain the sorts of things that are outlined in this CNN story, then he’s not going to make X/Twitter a successful operation. Related to that, if I were Linda Yaccarino, I’d be looking for another job as working for Elon isn’t a winning strategy.

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