Donald Trump’s Legal Defence Fund Website Appears To Have Been Pwned

Forbes is reporting that Donald Trump’s legal defence fund website which is called the Patriot Legal Defence Fund has been pwned by unknown hackers. From Forbes:

The Patriot Legal Defense Fund website, seemingly established to support aides and employees of former President Donald Trump with their rapidly increasing legal expenses, has been hacked. The home page has been defaced to strike through Trump’s name and add an “America Is Already Great!” strapline. But the hacker has altered far more than just the banner.

As first reported by Raw Story, the Patriot Legal Defense Fund website defacement was apparently hacked late on Friday, August 18. At the time of publication, the site remains up and is still defaced.

Seriously? This site has been pwned since last Friday and they haven’t taken it down? I’m not kidding. If you go there right now by clicking here, you can see for yourself. That suggests to me that whomever is behind the site has lost control of it.

What losers.

This highlights the fact that the people behind Trump’s digital media strategy are not that bright. But given how much of a gong show Truth Social’s launch was, nobody should be surprised. And it underscores that everything that Trump touches, goes off the rails and becomes a train wreck next to a dumpster fire.

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