It Appears That Petro Canada Will FINALLY Let You Have Access To Your Petro Points Account After They Got Pwned In June

So, it’s been since late June since Petro Canada got pwned by hackers. And in the process, all of this happened:

But late this afternoon, this changed when Petro Canada published a Petro Canada app update:

Well that’s interesting. So in the interest of science, I downloaded the app and tried to change my password via the App. That failed miserably. So I ended up going to and changing it there. My guess is that the fact that you are being forced to change your password implies that this was the attack vector that the threat actors used to get into their systems and pwn them. Or the threat actors were able to steal the login credentials of Petro Points users after they got in. Either is plausible.

Once I was in, I was able to see my points balance which seems right, and not much else. So that means that everything is fine and Petro Canada is off my naughty list.


Let me take you back to this story that I wrote. In it Petro Canada admitted the following was swiped when they got pwned by hackers:

The information that was swiped creates a perfect jumping off point for identity theft for starters. Never mind any number of other scams, fraud, or targeted cyberattacks. Petro Canada said sorry for that, but sorry is not good enough when your personal info is out there for any threat actor to use against you. At the very least, free credit monitoring for every person affected by this hack should be offered by Petro Canada. But to date, that hasn’t been offered. So that leads me to plan b: Class action lawsuit. The fact is that the only way that Petro Canada can be held accountable for this is by a class action lawsuit where the courts will hold them accountable. Plus it will send a clear message that if you don’t take cybersecurity seriously, you will be held accountable in court and it will be expensive. Thus when the first class action lawsuit gets filed, I’ll be joining it. And I suggest that you do the same if you were affected by this.

Oh, by the way, just as I said here, the second I was able to log in I cashed out my Petro Points in the form of iTunes gift cards, and I will be using up my gas discount cards as quickly as possible. After that, I won’t be using Petro Canada as my gas station again as they simply cannot be trusted to keep their customer’s information secure.

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