Medcrypt & NetRise Partner to Tackle Critical Cyber Challenges in Healthcare

Medcrypt, Inc., the proactive cybersecurity solution provider for medical device manufacturers (MDMs), today announced its partnership with NetRise, the company providing granular visibility into the world’s XIoT security problem, to address critical cybersecurity challenges in the healthcare industry. This partnership will provide MDMs with a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) lifecycle management solution that will empower device makers to proactively identify and address potential security risks and ensure the safety and integrity of their medical devices.  

n 2021, the White House released an executive order on the growing need for improved cybersecurity, which included the use of SBOMs “as a formal record containing the details and supply chain relationships of various components used in building software” for each product. The two primary use cases of SBOMs are to identify vulnerabilities from component information within the SBOM and to monitor license usage, especially of open-source software. The value SBOMs provide is two-fold: Supporting R&D teams in the premarket phase as well as supporting postmarket management and vigilance, thus informing cybersecurity activities across teams, including research and development, product quality, and legal teams. For medical device manufacturers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is mandating that all software-based medical devices must create and maintain an SBOM, and will start refusing submissions that fail to include this information on October 1, 2023

The collaboration between Medcrypt and NetRise aims to revolutionize medical device security by combining Medcrypt’s expertise in vulnerability identification and management with NetRise’s unparalleled capabilities in generating SBOMs for embedded devices and firmware. This partnership provides medical device manufacturers with a comprehensive solution to safeguard their devices against potential cyber risks throughout their entire lifecycle.

Medcrypt will integrate NetRise’s SBOM generation capabilities into Helm, extending the support for SBOMs throughout the entire lifecycle of medical devices. NetRise will offer medical device manufacturers the ability to generate, ingest, enrich, manage, and monitor SBOMs, providing critical visibility into the underlying vulnerabilities of their embedded devices and firmware. 

Learn more about the partnership and how to create and monitor an FDA-approved SBOM through a joint webinar with Medcrypt and NetRise on September 19, 2023. Sign up here

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