Ransomware Takes Center Stage in Q2 2023: Nuspire

 Nuspire, a leading managed security services provider (MSSP), today announced the release of its Q2 2023 Cyber Threat Report. The quarterly report provides a comprehensive analysis of the threat landscape, examining threat data encompassing malware, botnets and exploits, as well as specific tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) organizations should watch out for. 

Nuspire’s latest report reveals a surge in ransomware activity, with a staggering 65% increase in activity from a newer entrant to the list of top ransomware groups: CL0P. A deep dive into the financial industry showed a 43% increase in ransomware extortions.  

Notable findings from Nuspire’s newly-released cyber threat report include: 

  • Total ransomware extortion publications increased by nearly 18%.
  • Apache vulnerabilities comprise 25% of exploits. Apache Software can be found in approximately 31% of all global websites, making this finding particularly concerning. 
  • Botnets grew approximately 16% in Q2, with Torpig Mebroot, a trojan renowned for its data-theft capabilities maintaining its position as the top botnet detected. 

Access Nuspire’s Q2 2023 Cyber Threat Report here to view the data and learn key mitigation strategies for protecting your organization’s environment. 

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