TELUS expands Community Boards in Alberta and Ontario to support more than 13.3  million people across the provinces

Today, TELUS announced it has expanded its community boards in Ontario and Alberta, continuing to help youth reach their full potential by opening up new opportunities that help facilitate life-changing connections, nurture a sense of belonging, and empower them to thrive. 

Leveraging a unique model of philanthropy, the TELUS Community Boards bring together local business and community leaders, empowering them to make decisions on where TELUS’ charitable funding will make the most meaningful difference in their own communities. 

With 57 per cent of Canadian parents worried their children have fallen behind in their education, TELUS Community Boards have a longstanding history of helping ensure every child and youth has an equal opportunity to learn, develop skills, and build confidence. 

Formally changing their names to  TELUS Calgary and Southern Alberta Community BoardTELUS Edmonton and Northern Alberta Community Board and TELUS Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Community BoardTELUS Barrie and Central Ontario Community Board, and TELUS Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Community Boardthese expansions will now support more than 4.7 million Albertans and 8.6 million Ontarians, providing life-changing grants to Canadian registered charities and qualified donees focusing on local, grassroots community-based health, education or technology programs for children and youth. 

The boards are now accepting the final funding intake for 2023 with grant application deadlines closing on September 15. Organizations must be a Canadian registered charity and meet the eligibility funding criteria requirements.

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