BlackFog State of Ransomware Report For August 2023 Is Out

BlackFog has today released the State of Ransomware for August 2023. Please feel free to use this report in any news stories, articles or other uses where it will best serve. Additionally, please see below for commentary from Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder, BlackFog:

     “Traditionally a slower month, August this year broke new records and recorded the 2nd highest number of attacks on record with 59 publicly disclosed and 373 non-disclosed attacks. This represents a ratio of 632% between unreported and reported. As with last month the MOVEit exploit continues to generate victims, now totaling 365.

This month also saw some big moves in both the manufacturing and service sectors, with increases of 36% and 31% respectively. While technology, government and education continue to grow with increases of 26%, 23% and 21% respectively.

From a variant perspective, BlackCat and LockBit remain the two dominant variants, each accounting for 17.4% of victims, with Medusa and Play at 5.9% a piece. LockBit dominated in the number of unreported attacks at 35.4%, followed by CLOP at 14.1%.

Data exfiltration affected more than 90% of victims this month and continues to dominate as the primary mechanism for extorting organizations and individuals. China continues to dominate as the main destination for data exfiltration with 39%, with Russia at 9%.”

The State of Ransomware report for August 2023 can be found here:

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