Foresite Cybersecurity adds’s NodeZero To Their ProVision Platform

Foresite today announced a new partnership with to integrate its NodeZero™ autonomous penetration testing technology with Foresite’s ProVision platform to deliver Managed Cyber Testing with Attacker’s View to Foresite partners and their customers. This new offering will further enable Foresite customers to simplify risk reduction, improve security operations, streamline security compliance, prioritize security tasks, and reduce the complexity of cybersecurity overall.

The ProVision platform provides centralized log collection for correlation and visibility with a trained Security Operation Center team of analysts to monitor, investigate, and respond to threats. This cloud-based solution is vendor-agnostic, does not require an agent on every asset, and allows complete client visibility, rule customization, and a predictable fixed-cost model with no hidden usage fees.

NodeZero allows organizations to continuously find, fix, and verify their exploitable attack surface by chaining together harvested credentials, misconfigurations, dangerous product defaults, and exploitable vulnerabilities to achieve critical impacts like domain compromise and sensitive data exposure. The NodeZero platform empowers organizations to reduce their security risk and continuously improve their security posture.

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