Truth Social Lives…. For Now

Last week I posted a story that the Donald Trump owned social network Truth Social may be about to die if it didn’t get the support of the majority of their shareholders to either close or extend a merger with a Miami-based company called Digital World Acquisition.

Well, they got that extension apparently:  

Shareholders voted to grant DWAC (DWAC) another year to pull off its merger with Trump Media & Technology Group, which owns Truth Social, according to an SEC document posted Wednesday. The groups now have until September 8, 2024 to combine.

The extension was approved by about 72% of stockholders, according to a regulatory filingWednesday.

Even though this is good news for Truth Social, it doesn’t solve the fact that this social network has been a train wreck next to a dumpster fire since it launched. And even Donald Trump who himself is a frequent poster on Truth Social has posted on Twitter as of late as part of his grifting attempts to say that his is innocent of all the various criminal charges that he is facing. Thus one has to wonder how much longer Truth Social has to live.

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