YouTube releases new gen AI products to usher in a new era of creative expression

Today, YouTube hosted Made On YouTube in New York, the flagship event to discuss the future of content creation on YouTube. At today’s event, YouTube unveiled a suite of AI-powered capabilities that will help both new and established creators and artists create, edit, and share content in bold new ways. These AI-powered tools will help unlock powerful new forms of creative expression, take the friction out of the creative process, and allow YouTube creators to reach more viewers.

Today’s key announcements include:

  • Dream Screen: a new generative AI feature to unlock creative expression on Shorts: Later this year, YouTube will introduce Dream Screen, a new experimental feature that allows creators to add AI-generated video or image backgrounds to their Shorts simply by typing an idea into a prompt. With Dream Screen, creators will be able to generate new, fantastic settings for their Shorts that are only limited by bounds of their imagination.
    • Since launching Shorts in 2020, Shorts has now climbed to over 70B daily views from over 2B logged-in users every month. 
    • And in Canada, average daily views of YouTube Shorts grew by over 150% year-on-year
  • YouTube Create: Taking the work out of video production: To help anyone to create and share videos right to YouTube, today the platform has launched a new mobile app called YouTube Create, which was designed to empower creators to get started with a suite of production tools to edit their Shorts, longer videos, or both.
    • The app offers video editing tools including precision editing and trimming, automatic captioning, voiceover capabilities and access to a library of filters, effects, transitions and royalty-free music with beat matching technology so that creators can produce their next YouTube video without relying on complex editing software. 
    • YouTube has consulted with more than 3k creators in the process of building YouTube Create.
    • Currently in beta on Android in select markets including the United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Korea, and Singapore, YouTube Create is free of charge. 

You can read more in the media alert attached, or the blog post here.

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