Rogers Has Had A Multi-Day Outage In East Toronto…. But It’s Not Their Fault

If you live in any of these areas in Toronto:

  • Thorncliffe
  • Upper Beaches
  • Don Mills 

Then you’re into day 2 of a Rogers outage. That means that all of these Rogers services are not working for you:

  • TV
  • Internet
  • Home Phone
  • Rogers Ignite Internet
  • Rogers Ignite TV

According to this document, someone other than Rogers cut a cable that took out all the services for all of the people in the above areas. Which sucks for those people. But to Roger’s credit, they are offering a three day credit to those affected. But that isn’t stopping people from blaming Rogers based on browsing the Internet and social media.

News flash: Even though Rogers isn’t known for its stability since the epic outage, this isn’t their fault. So they deserve a free pass this time around. Key words: This time around.

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