Elon Musk Goes The Border And Tries To Livestream It On Twitter…. The Livestream Failed Miserably

It sucks to be Elon Musk right now. In what I am guessing is a political stunt of some sort, Elon made a visit to the US/Mexican border, and it all went sideways when he tried to livestream it on his own platform:

The X owner’s livestream lasted just four minutes before it crashed on Thursday. Mr Musk was later able to start a new feed and complete his thoughts, before the feed crashed again after 11 minutes.

Mr Musk reportedly sent a company-wide email to his staff at X following the disastrous livestream. “Please fix this,” he instructed staff, according to New York Times tech reporter Ryan Mac.

Thursday’s livestream was not the first time the billionaire’s attempts to use his own platform have been thwarted by tech issues. Mr Musk previously attempted to host Ron DeSantis‘s presidential campaign launch on X, but the two men were forced to abort the live stream after it was marred by repeated collapse of the connection.

This pretty much shows what a clown show Twitter (I refuse to call it “X”) is under the leadership of Elon. If he can’t use his own platform for whatever nefarious needs that he has, how on Earth does he expect anyone else to use it? Never mind getting anyone other than his “bros” to pay $8 a month for it?

Sucks to be you Elon.

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