NSA + DoD Open AI Security Center

The news is out that the DoD and the NSA is about to open an AI Security Center. Here’s why they are doing this:

The AI Security Center will become the focal point for developing best practices, evaluation methodology and risk frameworks with the aim of promoting the secure adoption of new AI capabilities across the national security enterprise and the defense industrial base.  

The new entity will consolidate the agency’s various artificial intelligence, security-related activities.  

“The AI Security Center will work closely with U.S. Industry, national labs, academia across the [intelligence community] and Department of Defense and select foreign partners,” Nakasone said during a discussion hosted by the National Press Club in Washington.

Emily Phelps, Director, Cyware had this comment:

   “In an era where technological advancements are both an advantage and a potential threat, centralizing expertise and capabilities can foster rapid development while ensuring that vulnerabilities are addressed quickly. Collaborative initiatives with the Defense Department, intelligence community, academia, and international partners can provide a holistic approach to AI-supported security. It’s crucial for the US to not only maintain but enhance its leadership in AI, ensuring that its innovative capabilities remain protected.”

This is a really good move by the NSA. It puts the smartest minds on the topic in one place. Which will make it way easier to respond to whatever curve balls that AI has in store for all of us.

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