Trend Micro Announces Next Generation Trend Vision One

 Trend Micro today announced the next evolution of its cloud container security capabilities for its flagship platform. The latest addition to the platform delivers end-to-end protection, detection, and response to drive secure digital transformation.  

The new capabilities simplify investigations by enabling analysts to prioritize incidents faster and with greater accuracy—reducing the time spent on each container security incident by up to two weeks.

The Trend Vision One platform is designed to deliver comprehensive, cross-layer capabilities that eliminate the cost, security gaps, and administrative overhead associated with point solutions. Trend’s latest innovation in container security brings unparalleled visibility to the security operations center (SOC) to accelerate threat detection, response, and containment. Specialized cloud security teams will benefit from a tailored approach that protects containerized applications and enables organizations to leverage the full potential of cloud environments securely. 

According to independent analyst firm Gartner, “Integrating previously isolated security capabilities simplifies security workflows and reduces the complexity associated with managing multiple tools, thus providing better visibility into the security landscape. A centralized platform allows for better coordination and communication between security and development teams, fostering collaboration and enabling incidents to be handled more efficiently.”** 

Trend Vision One – Container Security benefits include: 

  • Consolidated security: Centralizing container security within a unified platform streamlines security management while delivering unprecedented visibility through deep, correlated telemetry across more native security layers—including endpoint, server, workload, identity, email, and network. This consolidated approach enables security teams to identify threats earlier in the attack lifecycle leading to rapid and effective containment. A platform approach ensures security policies are consistently monitored and applied across the organization.  
  • Optimized operational efficiency: Drastically reduces the time spent by SOC teams on container security operations, saving up to two weeks per incident. This efficiency improvement can free up resources for other critical tasks, enabling organizations to operate in the cloud with less risk. 
  • Consistency across all cloud environments: Ensures seamless security management is in place across both Kubernetes clusters (multi-cloud and on-premises) and Amazon ECS by simplifying the management of security policies and minimizing the risk of potential security vulnerabilities. 
  • Enhanced security: Proactively mitigates risk by searching for bugs in Amazon ECS and Kubernetes. Supports end-to-end protection that secures containers from build to termination, ensuring seamless security across the container lifecycle. 

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