OVHcloud Is About To Roll Out Identity And Access Management

 OVHcloud today announced its latest security defining feature with advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM) is set to be available for all customers at no extra cost on October 25th.

OVHcloud Identity and Access Management is part of the Group’s ongoing product roadmap and commitment to continuous innovation. Accessible through a centralized user interface directly within OVHcloud control panel, as well as from the OVHcloud API, the feature allows granular control of an organization’s security privileges and provides total control over who can access digital resources. Available for Public Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud and Webcloud universes, including dedicated hosting, OVHcloud IAM helps to improve security, thwarting malicious attacks, supports enhanced compliance and productivity for IT teams and delivers a higher level of performance for users’ login.

With Identity Federation, OVHcloud IAM allows for customers to connect to the corporate directory of their choice (via SSO). With a fine-grained policy management that spans through the complete OVHcloud product portfolio, it’s easier than ever to create user groups, define the minimum set of authorizations granted by default and leverage OAuth2 tokens within IAM policies or authentication through OVHcloud API. OVHcloud Terraform provider also now includes IAM actions so IT teams can fully automate their OVHcloud deployments. Capabilities such as audit and logs help organizations keep tabs of access to help comply with regulations and standards related to data privacy and security.

An IAM to control them all on a secure and sustainable offer 

Offering a state-of-the-art Identity and Access Management, OVHcloud aims at answering IT organization needs for fine grained access policy management and identity federation on a trusted Cloud. The new OVHcloud IAM is totally integrated with other OVHcloud services and available for all solutions in the product portfolio.

OVHcloud has a well-known expertise in infrastructure, offering a trusted Cloud in environmentally friendly datacenters. Furthermore, OVHcloud datacenters take advantage of a unique industrial model with a bespoke watercooling system that contributes to a truly sustainable Cloud, allowing customers to reach best-in-class PUE/WUE indexes (see more here).


OVHcloud Identity and Access Management, currently available in Beta, will roll out globally for free to all customers on October 25th.

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