Threads Downloads And Usage Rises…. Elon Musk Must Be Freaking

Elon Musk has lots of problems at the moment. But he now has another one that threatens to “end” Twitter. Rival social media network Threads has made an impressive comeback:

Threads from Instagram made headlines back in July by amassing more than 100 million users in just a week. However, that growth faded away in the next few months. Nevertheless, the platform seems to be making a comeback as it continues to release new handy features. These include a web version, keyword search options, voice posts, a post edit feature, and much more.

Additionally, some minor upgrades have also been introduced. These include the ability to follow updates in specific threads with a simple click on the bell icon and the option to tag Instagram accounts of users. Furthermore, some additional updates are also on the cards for threads, including the introduction of polls.

It seems Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg is finally fulfilling the promise he made back in July. I’m highly confident that we’re going to be able to pour enough gasoline on this to help it grow.

As per a source, Meta maintained about 33 million daily active users and 120 million monthly active users. This indicates an increase from the statistics recorded back in July, which stood at around 25 million daily users and 100 million monthly users. Furthermore, the source also revealed that since its launch on July 6, there have been a staggering 260 million downloads, with September downloads nearly twice if we compare it with the month of August.

If you’re Elon Musk, you must be crapping your pants as Meta has the size and cash to destroy Twitter with ease. Thus on top of all the other problems that Elon has, Threads is a growing problem to him that I am pretty sure that he has no answer for. Just like his other problems.

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