Microsoft And Amazon Team Up With Indian Law Enforcement To Take Down Scammers

Frequent readers of this blog know that I hate scammers and I do what I can to expose and disrupt their scams. Thus when the news dropped that Amazon and Microsoft were teaming up with Indian authorities to take down scammers, it caught my attention:

On Thursday, October 19, Central Bureau Investigation (CBI), the federal enforcement agency in India, announced it has conducted multiple criminal raids in various cities across India. This operation was supported by a joint referral made by Microsoft and Amazon. The joint referral enabled the exchange of actionable intelligence and insights with CBI and other international law enforcement agencies to help them take action at scale.


This collaboration marks the first time Microsoft and Amazon have joined forces to combat tech support fraud. We firmly believe that partnerships like these are not only necessary but pivotal in creating a safer online ecosystem and in extending our protective reach to a larger number of individuals. Technology-enabled fraud remains a persistent threat to both companies as the same cybercriminals and their infrastructure targets both our customers. Joining forces helps us more effectively protect individuals globally and prevent criminals from impersonating the Microsoft and Amazon brands to target innocent and unsuspecting victims.

This is a good initiative by Amazon and Microsoft. I am assuming that Indian law enforcement is only joining in because they were forced into it. I say that because the history of Indian law enforcement has been that they haven’t been interested in taking down scammers. Plus here’s been the fact that bribing the right law enforcement officials will make sure that scammers can operate with impunity. Thus I have to wonder how long that Indian law enforcement will be interested in participating in this? I guess we’ll see. But as it stands right now, I applaud this.

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