New Survey From Abnormal Security Reveals 98% Of Security Leaders Worry About the Risks of Generative AI

Abnormal Security has announced the launch of a new report, “The State of Email Security in an AI-Powered World.” The report reveals security leaders’ greatest concerns about the growing threat of generative AI in the enterprise—particularly via the email vector—and how they are preparing to adapt their defenses in response.  

Based on a survey of 300 senior cybersecurity stakeholders from organizations of all sizes across multiple industries, the research found that nearly all security leaders (98%) are concerned about the cybersecurity risks posed by ChatGPT, Google Bard, WormGPT, and similar tools. 

Their leading worry is the increased sophistication of email attacks that generative AI will make possible—particularly, the fact that generative AI will help attackers craft highly specific and personalized email attacks based on publicly available information. Not only are security leaders feeling nervous about these threats, many are already experiencing them. Four-fifths (80.3%)  of respondents confirmed that their organizations have either already received AI-generated email attacks or strongly suspect that this is the case.

Despite widespread concern, the vast majority of security leaders are not adequately prepared to protect against AI-generated email attacks. The majority of respondents are still relying on their cloud email providers or legacy tools for email security, with over half (53%) of respondents still using secure email gateways to protect their email environments. Unfortunately, this approach does not seem to be working, as nearly half of respondents (46%) lack confidence in traditional solutions to detect and block AI-generated attacks.

The research highlights an opportunity for an alternative approach with AI-driven security as the next frontier of email protection, as 92% of survey participants see the value in using AI to  defend against AI-generated email threats. Additionally, more than 94% of survey participants say that AI will have a major impact on their cybersecurity strategy over the next two years.

You can download the full report, The State of Email Security in an AI-Powered World, here

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