EU To Elon Musk: Comply With Our Laws Or GTFO

Much as I expected when I wrote this story, the EU has sent Elon Musk a clear message about Twitter and its relationship with the 27 nation bloc:

X owner Elon Musk will have to comply with European Union law and clamp down illegal content on the social network if it wants to keep on doing “good business” in the region, the EU’s digital chief Věra Jourová said today.

“With Mr. Musk, the dialog doesn’t go well, very simply,” Jourová told reporters in the wake of an EU probe into how the platform shows graphic illegal content and disinformation linked to Hamas’ attack on Israel.

The tech mogul denied a report last week that he was considering pulling X out of Europe to avoid new requirements for digital platforms. X is used by over 101 million Europeans in the bloc. Under the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA), the company must swiftly take down content and ensure the network limits disinformation and cyberviolence.

The problem is that even though Elon has denied that he is wanting to take Twitter out of the EU, he hasn’t exactly done anything to stop misinformation from spreading on Twitter. And he’s even spread a fair amount of misinformation himself. Thus you have to wonder what his next move is. I don’t see him complying with the EU as that hasn’t been his style to this point. And he certainly doesn’t want to be forced by the EU to do things that he doesn’t want to do. But at the same time, I am guessing that he hasn’t pulled the plug on the EU because that will limit his ability to make money. So to me, it seems like he’s stuck in a less than ideal position. The question is, what will do next?

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