It Now Seems That I Am Not The Only Person That Apple Has Accused Of Running “Beta” Software

Almost a year ago, I had a problem adding credit cards to Apple Wallet after a repair of my 2021 MacBook Pro. After going back and forth with Apple Tech Support on this, Apple accused me of running “beta” software which was a complete lie on their part. You can read all about the repair experience, which was bad along with Apple Support lying to me here. But I want to focus in on the latter issue which is the inability to add credit cards to my MacBook Pro. First this issue seemed to get resolved when I installed macOS Sonoma. That implies that Apple fixed something in Sonoma. Thus if you have this issue, try installing Sonoma to see if that fixes thing for you as I had people email me asking for help with this issue as I wasn’t the only one that has experienced this.

That brings me to the something that I tripped over on Reddit recently. It appears that I am not the only person who has had Apple accuse them of running beta software. Take this example from the Apple Watch forum:

Now this could be considered an isolated incident. But as I like to say, something happening once is a fluke. Something happening twice is a pattern. And here’s a second example that illustrates a pattern:

This suggests to me one of two things is at play here. The first is that Apple as an organization is having a failure to communicate. That’s bad if that’s the case because not being able to disseminate information affects the customer experience which is something that Apple claims to care a lot about. That seems to be backed up by this comment:

That’s a big problem if that’s accurate.

The second thing that could be at play here is that Apple’s staff is simply using this excuse to avoid troubleshooting an issue that they have no clue how to troubleshoot. That’s worse than the above because that illustrates that Apple is okay with their employees lying to customers. I say that because Apple claims that all calls to technical support are recorded which implies that they should be reviewed for quality and corrective action taken if there are issues. But I guess that isn’t happening as if it was, I would not be here talking about this. On top of that, there doesn’t seem to be any quality control for retail staff as they are parroting the same lines. That’s very troubling as all of this shows that Apple has taken several steps back in terms of the customer experience. And this isn’t a new problem for Apple as my wife discovered when she became a victim of “battery gate” which happened years ago.

For a company that claims to care about the customer experience, Apple is really coming up short here. Which is a massive disservice to their customers, and a radical change from the days when Apple had the best technical support and the best retail staff in the business. If I were Deirdre O’Brien who is the Senior Vice President of Retail at Apple, I’d really be looking into these sorts of claims that are becoming more and more frequent in places like Reddit and figure out what needs to be done to change course here, and fast. And I would copy and paste that for whomever runs their tech support as well. Because what’s clear here is Apple is failing its customers. And at some point, their customers will not stand for this and take their dollars elsewhere.

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