Data Related To Five Ontario Hospitals Hit By A Cyberattack Is Now Online

A few days ago I posted a story about five Ontario hospitals getting pwned in a cyberattack. That was bad, but it just got worse for them as there is now data that was swiped in that cyberattack floating around on the Internet:

“We have become aware that data connected to the cyber incident has been published,” the hospitals said in a statement Thursday. “We are reviewing the data to determine its contents. Working with leading cybersecurity experts, we continue to investigate to determine the exact data impacted.”


It was not immediately clear Thursday which data were published and where. 

In the joint statement, the hospitals said that any individuals whose data was affected will be notified, and that the hospitals are working closely with law-enforcement agencies, including local police, OPP, Interpol, and the FBI. 

The Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner has also been notified. 

“Our leaders, on advice by our experts that we could not verify claims by the attacker, decided we would not yield to their ransom demands. We are aligned in this position with the governments of 50 nations, including Canada, who have recently pledged to never pay ransom to cybercriminals,” the statement read. “We continue to work around the clock to restore systems, and we expect to have updates related to the restoration of our systems in the coming days.”

At least they didn’t pay up. But it sucks that the data is now out there as that data can be used to launch future attacks. Seeing as the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner is now involved, I would expect more details about this hack to come to light in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, I hope that the affected hospitals not only get normal service back online quickly, but they fully disclose what was swiped so that victims can protect themselves.

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