Optus Had A Rogers Style Outage Earlier This Week…. And This Outage Has A Connection To Rogers

A reader of this blog highlighted to me this story from The Register where it details the fact that Optus in Australia had a massive outage that took out service for millions:

Australia’s second-largest telco, Singapore-owned Optus, experienced an outage beginning Wednesday around 4am Sydney and Melbourne time that left millions nationwide without phone or internet access – either mobile or terrestrial.

The outage also affected transport as Melbourne trains were temporarily inoperable and network users had no internet with which to call ride-shares or taxis.

Even many who could get a ride found themselves without the ability to pay as EFTPOS terminals were also down – and well, who carries cash anymore?

The disruptions didn’t stop there. Hospitals also had their landlines impacted, as did Forest Fire Management Victoria.

That is massive, widespread, and not trivial. It sounds exactly like what the massive Rogers outage did to Canada back in July of 2022. Speaking of Rogers, the same reader highlighted the fact that there is a connection between the Optus outage and the Rogers outage. Optus is owned by Singtel and Singtel has a name that might be familiar to Canadians:

“The Singtel Group will appoint Jorge Fernandes as its Group Chief Technology Officer with effect from 1 June 2023. A seasoned telecoms executive, Fernandes spent the bulk of his career as CTO in Vodafone, where he led technology strategy and delivery execution across Vodafone UK, Turkey and Portugal. He was most recently CTIO with Rogers Communications in Canada.”

Fernandes was the CTO at Rogers in July of 2022 when their network took a dirt nap affecting millions of Canadians in the process. Two weeks after that outage he was gone as clearly Rogers decided to blame him for the outage. It’s interesting that he has gone someplace else and outage of similar scale and effect happens at his new workplace. Perhaps Rogers made the right call by tying the can to him after the July 2022 outage?

This might be worth watching to see if his current employers do the same thing that Rogers did after their outage.

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