EnGenius Helps Users and Businesses Move from Ubiquiti UniFi to EnGenius Fit by Offering 50% Off for Trade-ins

EnGenius has launched a campaign that helps individuals and businesses stuck with Ubiquity equipment, get rid of it by offering various trade-in discounts. Your readers finally have an opportunity for a cost-effective way out. 

See EnGenius’ top answers as to why your readers might want to switch from Ubiquity UniFi to EnGenius Fit;

  • Receive live Tech Support
  • Manage Your Network without Hardware Dependency
  • Flexible Management (On-Prem or Cloud)
  • APs, Switches, and Gateways Available
How To Qualify:Guidelines:
– Go to the EnGenius Store– Only EnGenius Fit products qualify
– Enter the coupon code: Upgrade– Subject to product availability
 – Expires December 31, 2023
 – U.S. customers only

The campaign will last until the end of 2023 but could potentially be extended to early 2024. Visit the EnGenius Trade-In portal for more details and full T&C.

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