Botnet Activity Surges in Q3 2023: Nuspire

 Nuspire today announced the release of its Q3 2023 Cyber Threat Report. This comprehensive quarterly assessment delves into the constantly shifting threat landscape, revealing vital information about malware, botnets, exploits and ransomware.

Nuspire’s latest report highlights the stark realities of today’s cyber realm, where ransomware groups like ALPHV, 8Base and Akira employ increasingly advanced tactics, and botnets like Torpig Mebroot nearly double in activity. The report reveals an alarming surge in botnet activity, with a staggering 67.51% increase in Q3 2023. It also examines the top threat groups and techniques used to target the hospitality services industry.

Notable findings from Nuspire’s newly-released cyber threat report include:

  • An explosion in botnet activity of 67.51% can largely be attributed to Torpig Mebroot, clocking an increase in activity of nearly 93% over Q2 and accounting for more than 69% of all Q3 botnet activities.
  • An older botnet, TorrentLocker, re-emerged in Q3 as a favorite attack method, supplanting Q2’s FatalRAT botnet in Nuspire’s list of top five botnets. TorrentLocker is primarily delivered through phishing emails, enticing victims with unpaid invoices, undelivered packages, or fines.
  • Total malware detections decreased by 5.94%; however, ransomware maintained the high level of activity Nuspire witnessed in Q2.
  • Two new contenders joined the list of most active ransomware families for Q3: 8Base and Akira.

Access Nuspire’s Q3 2023 Cyber Threat Report to view the data and learn key mitigation strategies for protecting your organization’s environment.

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