Aussie Ports Pwned By Cyberattack

DP World Australia, port operators of 40% of Australia’s imports and exports, was forced to close operations at its Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle facilities after a cyber attack that occurred on Friday, according to the country’s national cyber security coordinator.

Over the weekend, ships could load and unload containers but delivery trucks were not able to pick up or drop off the storage units and consequently shipments piled up on docks.

As of Monday, the ports are slowly restarting operation, but it is said it could be weeks before ports are able to accept cargo; it is said the impact on imports and exports could have a “devastating impact”.

The Australian government is continuing to work with DP World Australia to support the management of any further consequences, including any ongoing disruption to Australia’s supply chains. Investigations into the incident remain ongoing and remediation work is likely to continue for some time,” national cyber security coordinator, Darren Goldie.

DP World Australia claimed that some data may have been stolen by threat actors before the operator isolated their network.

Dave Ratner, CEO, HYAS had this comment:

   “Attacks on critical infrastructure do more than just steal data – they have the potential for economic and consumer impacts, up to and including life-impacting ones. It’s why implementing operational resiliency is so important. No longer is it sufficient to try and prevent all attacks; organizations must have the appropriate level of visibility and resiliency to identify and stop breaches before damage of any kind ensues.”

This is yet another example of how crippling that a cyberattack can be. At this point it really should be clear that doing everything possible to prevent such attacks should be a priority. Or else the knock on effects can last weeks, or months.

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