Salesforce Releases The Future of Tech and AI Predictions & Trends report

As we look ahead to what 2024 will have in store, Salesforce’s top executives have just shared their predictions and insights for the year based on market analysis, customer conversations, and more in the company’s new Future of Tech and AI Predictions & Trends report. 

As a global leader in AI CRM software, Salesforce leaders are on the front lines of the latest trends, technologies, and challenges impacting businesses. Some of the trends and predictions that they have for 2024 include:

  • Data will continue to get democratized — and smarter. This means 2024 will see a strong focus on data privacy and compliance.
  • AI will transform enterprise, so businesses that don’t embrace AI will be left in the dust.
  • AI brings a new era of cyber security, meaning cyber defense will take shape to address new threats.
  • AI will hypercharge efficiency and we will all get familiar with the term “semantic query.” As AI grows smarter and more businesses embrace it, we will inch closer to autonomy.
  • There are possibilities to use AI for good but only with equitable access.
  • AI will modernize work and transform the office into a smarter workplace, plus change how we think about (and measure) human productivity.

The report with all of Salesforce’s 2024 predictions, is available here


These 2024 predictions follow recent Canadian-specific survey data from Salesforce earlier this fall, which found that:

  • On average, employees believe generative AI will save them 4 hours per week. However, 55% agree that they don’t have the skills to use generative AI effectively and safely.
  • While 62% of employees use or plan to use generative AI at work, 79% believe generative AI introduces new security risks.

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