Fisker PEAR Urban EV New Features + Alaska Pickup Truck at The Grove LA Nov. 18-26

Fisker Inc. will show both the Fisker PEAR and Fisker Alaska pickup truck in Los Angeles.

PEAR is an innovative, high-volume crossover that the company recently showed at its Product Vision Day in August. PEAR is expected to commence production in July 2025 and will be priced at $29,900 in the US, before incentives. 

A new see-through A-pillar design feature on PEAR will be on display for the first time. It is intended to improve driver awareness and pedestrian safety when the vehicle is making a left-hand turn. A surround-view camera captures areas that the A-pillar might obscure and feeds that live image to an interior display.

The PEAR on display will also have Fisker’s new Cockpit Compute system, which will go into production as part of the Fisker Blade computer (described below). Fisker will own the complete software configuration on Blade through the company’s in-house development teams.

The Alaska is planned to be the world’s most sustainable pickup and will go on sale for $45,400, also before incentives. The vehicle is expected to start production and deliveries in Q1 2025.

The production-intent PEAR and the prototype Alaska will be on display at The Grove, starting the afternoon of Saturday Nov. 18, and continuing through Sunday Nov. 26.

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