Nothing Is Bringing iMessage To Their Phones…. Good Luck With That

 A couple of days ago, Nothing shared it has plans to add iMessage compatibility to its newest phone through a new app called Nothing Chats:

Nothing Chats is a first-of-its-kind app developed in partnership with Sunbird, which allows you to message other iMessage users via blue bubbles on your Nothing Phone.

At Nothing, we believe in windows, not walls. If messaging services are dividing phone users, then we want to break those barriers down.

If you’re in the US, Canada, UK or EU and have a Phone (2), you can download the Nothing Chats app on the Play Store from Friday. The app is currently in Beta, and we’re working hard to bring Nothing Chats to more places. If it’s not available in your country just yet, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll let you know as soon as it is. 

Now you’re likely asking why Nothing is partnering with Sunbird to do this. The answer is simple. Nothing needs to break into the North American market to be successful. And right now they haven’t been able to do that. And part of that reason is due to the fact that iPhones along with iMessage is pretty dominant in North America. Take teens for example This story suggests that a lot of them get iPhones because there’s peer pressure not to be a “green bubble” person. Which is a problem if you’re anyone but Apple.

Here’s the problem with this strategy by Nothing. Sunbird is a company that has been trying to bring iMessage to non-Apple devices for some time. And they’ve had some success doing so. But they’ve been allowed to exist because Apple hasn’t decided to go after them as Apple likely does not see them as any sort of threat. But this partnership with Nothing may change that view. And as a result, Apple may decide that Sunbird and Nothing along with them need to be taken care of. Thus I would not be surprised if on the day that this feature launches, if not before then that some sort of legal action is taken. Because Apple loves its walled garden. And it will not allow anyone or anything to get past the walls.

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