BD-LIVE Coming This Month To The PS3…. Sucks To Be An Xbox Owner

According to this press release from Sony, Playstation 3 owners are getting a update later this month that will install Blu-Ray Disc Profile 2.0 (A.K.A. BD-LIVE) support on their consoles. Why do you care? Let’s have Scott Steinberg of Sony tell you why you should care:

“With Blu-ray established as the high-definition optical disc standard, more consumers are ready to jump in and take advantage of everything the format offers. Whether you want to download movie extras, send ringtones to your phone, or play interactive games, BD-LIVE will offer exciting new ways to enjoy a Blu-ray movie. With these regular firmware updates and future-proofed technology, SCEA is making the 10-year lifecycle of PS3 possible.” 

This is a big deal as not many stand alone Blu-Ray players have this support, nor are they upgradable. That make the Playstation 3 the best console for all your multi-media needs, and it makes it a lot more appealing than the Xbox 360. If I were Ballmer, I’d restart those talks to get Blu-Ray onto the Xbox or they can find themselves on the bottom of the food chain very quickly. 

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