Apple: It Was The Best Of Times. It Was The Worst Of Times.

If you’re Apple Inc., you’ve got it at both ends. People either love them or hate them. The love part comes from this report that more corporate users like OS X better than Vista. While it’s great that Apple is finally finding some love in the corporate world, lets see if it actually translates into significant volume in the corporate world.

The hate part comes from this press release that Apple is being sued for knowingly using displays in their iMac computers that are not capable of displaying millions of colors, but advertising that they are capable of doing so (surf to this link and look under the “Display” heading for the text that the press release is referring to). If this sounds familiar, it should. Apple was sued for this before in regards to MacBook and MacBook Pro computers and just recently settled out of court. I guess that this is what happens when you gain market share and attract attention.

It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to both of these.

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