Rogers Cable Will Be Billing Customers For Going Over Their Caps. Arrgh!!

As if Bell throttling DSL customers (both theirs and their resellers isn’t enough), Rogers Cable has announced via a letter sent to their customers that they will be billing customers for going over their caps starting in June. Plus they’ve set up a website to educate their customers about how they can help Rogers “to maintain competitive monthly rates for all of our customers.” Their new scheme looks something like this:

Ultra Lite – 2 GB monthly cap, $5.00 per additional GB
Lite – 1Mbps, 25GB monthly cap, $2.50 per additional GB
Express – 7Mbps, 60 GB cap, $2.00 per additional GB
Extreme – 10Mbps, 95 GB cap, $1.50 per additional GB
Extreme Plus – 18Mbps, 95 GB cap, $1.25 per additional GB

All prices are in Canadian Dollars of course.

I’ll also point out that Rogers has been one of the worst North American ISPs when it comes to throttling connections, not only throttling BitTorrent traffic extensively, but throttling all encrypted and VPN traffic when users attempted to get around the throttling. That means that if you need to use a remote access solution, you shouldn’t be using Rogers as your Internet provider.

The backlash to this has already begun. Check out this story, this story, or this story for examples. Do these fools not remember the public outcry that they created when they tried negative option billing with their cable customers? I guess that since they didn’t learn from their past, they’re doomed to repeat it.

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