CAIP Responds To Bell…. Bell Responds To Primus… Fun Fun Fun

This hasn’t been posted to the CRTC website yet, but P2PNET news has a copy of the Canadian Association Of Internet Providers response to Bell. It’s a long read, but it effectively blows away all of Bell Canada’s bullshit arguments.

Of course I forgot to mention that Bell responded to the Primus submission (warning: DOC attached) a few days ago with the same FUD that they’ve been using lately. One of the things that jumps out at me is this:

“5. The fact is that the wholesale traffic from all of the ISPs who purchase GAS from Bell Canada and Bell Canada’s retail internet traffic travel on the same path across the access and backbone network. The Company’s traffic management solution applies Deep Packet Inspection policies to all upstream and downstream P2P traffic. Therefore, Primus cannot assume there is no need for traffic management measures by simply looking at the amount of traffic transiting through its own AHSSIP and then assuming the capacity of other ISP’s connections. The level of congestion in Bell Canada’s access, transport or core network cannot be assessed at a single point in the network that can be measured by Primus. The “capacity” of Primus’ network beyond the AHSSPI is not relevant to Bell Canada’s traffic management measures that are applied to its shared network.”

So, is Bell actually saying that they are selling non existent products to ISPs in that they do not have the capacity to provide the bandwidth that they sell? That would be quite a bombshell if that were true.

Another thing to note:

“1. Bell Canada (Bell or the Company) is in receipt of a letter dated 15 April 2008 from Primus Telecommunications Inc. (Primus) submitted as an Answer to the Canadian Association of Internet Providers’ (CAIPs’) application of 3 April 2008 against Bell Canada’s network management practices with regard to Bell’s wholesale Internet services. Bell Canada submits that the Primus letter is out of process, and thus should not form part of the record for CAIP’s interim relief request.”

I truly hope that the CRTC denies Bell’s request to not include Primus’ complaint. If they do, Primus should make a separate complaint to the CRTC.

Buckle in. It’s about to get bumpy!

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